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Moving Cursor
Creating Fav's
Moving A File
Mailing A File
Deleting A File
CCP-- Copy, Cut, & Paste
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Quite often when a student has trouble getting the expected results, it is not his/her fault. The Teacher may have neglected to mention steps that the Teacher takes for granted. This can be very confusing to a "NEWBIE" (Someone NEW to the web). A new student needs to be lead carefully until they have had an opportunity to learn the system, the jargon, and how the equipment works. Something as simple as the abbreviation of a familiar (TYPING) term in an unfamiliar (COMPUTERS) setting may leave a student baffled! When you don't know the terms or even where things are on the screen (Monitor) or the KB (Key Board) you can be easily confused!

Some folks might confuse a KB (Keyboard) with a K & B (Drugstore)

OK, let's start with something simple. We'll do this by the numbers----1-2-3-etc.

1. Start your car.
.2. Go to Wal-Mart or your local retailer.

3. Buy a TV, (big screen, if your wife will let cha'!)

4.Buy a Webtv unit.

5. Go ahead and buy the Keyboard too, it's easier to find than that darn remote!

6. Put it all in the car and take it home.

7. Stop at the Fast Lane and get some gas. The gas goes in the tank which is in the left or right fender, or the rear of the car, ask your dealer!

Oh, sorry, if you are reading this, you're hooked up, powered up and ready to go!


1. Look at the lower Right corner of the KEY BOARD, you will find four keys with arrows on them. These move your cursor, (The small, yellow, vertical bar) around the screen. Right. left, up and down.

2. In the lower row of keys, 2nd from the left, you will find the "CMD" (Command) key, if you hold this key down and click any of the "ARROW" keys, the cursor will dart across the entire width of the screen or from top to bottom or vice versa.

3. On the right side of your KB (Keyboard) the 2nd and 3rd keys from the bottom are the "SCROLL UP" and "SCROLL DOWN" keys. These keys allow you to "scrll the document up or down for viewing. If you hold the "CMD" key down and clck scroll up, you willbe tken to the top of the page you are viewing.

5. One more key to find and we'll really get serious! The RETURN key is in the 3rd row of keys from the Keyboard bottom, 2nd from the right. Once the cursor is in place and you click the "RETURN" key you will get some action! Ready to try it? Let's go!


1. Find the "MAIL" key (Top, to the Rt. of Cntr.) and press it. This will take you to a page that says "Mail List" across the top and has a list of "OPTIONS" on the left Menu, below the Webtv Logo. This list is the options dealing with your mail.The "OPTIONS" should be Write, Storage, Addresses, Cleanup, Settings, and Help.

2. MAIL LIST: is the large area to the right of this Menu. When you have incoming E-mail it will be listed here in the order you designate, using the settings options.

3. WRITE: When you place the cursor here and click the "RETURN" key, a blank page for writing E-Mail to your friends, or notes to yourself will appear.

4. ADDRESSES: When you put the cursor on "Addresses" and press (click) the "Return" Key, your address book will appear and you may edit your addresses. It's magic!

5. Cleanup: Place the cursor on "Cleanup" and hit the "RETURN" key and you will be given the option of deleting old mail from the mail list. This is done by moving the cursor to the small box by each message and clicking "RETURN" to check mark each letter you wish to discard. After marking, return the cursor to "DISCARD" and click the "RETURN" key to discard the marked messages, a pop-up will appear and ask "Are you sure about discarding your mail?" Click "Return" and all will be discarded!

Moving the cursor to "MARKALL" on the "OPTIONS" menu and clicking "RETURN", will mark everything for discarding. You then move the cursor to "DISCARD" and click "RETURN", a Pop-up will ask if you want to discard or not? Click the "RETURN" key and everything is discarded.

5. SETTINGS: Placing the cursor on the "Settings" button and clicking "RETURN" will give you a page containing the eight options of Extras, Listing, Message Light, Word, Signature, Mail Name, Remote Mail and Junk Mail. These options allow you to vary the way you deal with your mail. If you place your cursor on these option titles and click "RETURN", they will give you further instructions. I will also, later.

6. HELP: Again, put the cursor on this, click the "RETURN" key and you will be given a page with three options Getting started with E-mail, Detailed Instructions (?) and Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ). I will try to be more informative later!


Favorites is the storage area for documents you have collected and saved while surfin' the net.Your first FAVS Folder has been created for you, it contains RECOMMENDED sites. You may change this later. You are allowed to have 20 Folders and each folder will hold 32 files. Each file is a single web page or site.


1. First we must open your FAVORITES. Click the "FAVS" key, (Top center of KB) This will take you directly to your FAVORITES FOLDERS. To the left is the Webtv Logo and below the logo will be the "OPTIONS" menu: Folders, ADD OR REMOVE FOLDERS,HELP. You might want to click on HELP and read the Instructions They are usually very cryptic to Newbies.

2. Click on "ADD FOLDER". A page will appear. Inside the flashing box, type a name for your 2nd folder. MISC. will do because you will find yourself shifting things around later. You can always make changes when you are more aware of what YOU want.

3. You now have two FOLDERS in which to place saved items. Simple! You repeat the above steps to create your total of twenty folders.


1. You have three choices of routes to get to FAVORITES:

A. If you just turned your webtv on your curser is on the mail Icon, on the Home page. Move your cursor two clicks to the RIGHT with the "RIGHT ARROW" key.`Your cursor is now on the FAVORITES Treasure Chest icon, click the "RETURN" key and your FAVS folder will appear.

B. Clicking the "FAVS" key in the top center of the KB is the quickest Method. This will transport you to Favs from anywhere, almost instantly.The "OPTIONS" key requires two extra clicks.

C. Clicking the "OPTIONS" key, 4th key, bottom right will cause a pop-up board to appear at the bottom of your monitor. On the right side of this pop-up is the "SAVE" button. Move your cursor to save and click the RETURN key. You are in FAVS.


1. Move the cursor using the "ARROW" keys onto the the label of the folder you want to open.

2. Click the "RETURN" key and the folder will open for you. The files may be displayed as either pictures or addresses

3. Move your cursor onto the file you wish to view using the "ARROW" keys and click the "RETURN" key. Strange things will start to happen, weird noises and smoke will commence to come from your box and a Duck will come down and offer you $100. Actually, a page will appear, to be replaced shortly by the page you desired.


Whenever you're on a Web page, you can save it as a favorite. Below are two Home page addresses.To view these pages, place your cursor on the address (ARROW keys.) and click the "RETURN" key. To return HERE, click the BACK key (2nd from the top right on KB.)The is a link to Melnick's Place. One of the first web sites I visited. This lady has put much time and effort into building her Home page.

This one is Mary's Miscellaneous Odd-ball links and is loaded with links to collected web pages. This site is loaded with great info! and YOU may save IT, if you so desire.


1. While viewing a page, click the "SAVE" key (2nd from top right), A pop-up with a list of "FOLDER NAMES" will appear on the bottom of the monitor.

2. Move the cursor over the name of the FOLDER you want the FILE (page, site) in and click the "RETURN" key. You will see the FAVS Icon appear and open up and many wondrous things will occur. You will be left looking at the page and wondering "What the heck!?" You may now read the page or click the "BACK" key and go on with your business, or you could go to FAVS (See above) and view your saved page! When finished viewing a saved page, clicking any key such as HOME, MAIL, or SEARCH will close FAVS and take you to your new destination. Place the cursor on the "FOLDERS" option and the FOLDER you are in will close and you will see all your FOLDERS, arranged just like a filing cabinet.

Just remember to click "BACK" or HOME" if you get tired or lost. LOL.


Mail any "Saved" file from a FAVORITES FOLDER by doing the following:

1. Locate the file you wish to mail. Place the cursor on the desired file.

2. Click the "RETURN" key to open the file.

3. Click the "OPTIONS" key on your keyboard. (4th key from the bottom right corner on wireless keyboards.)

4. The Options bar will appear at the bottom of the`screen.You will see a line of OPTION buttons. Put the cursor on the SEND option button (Far right) and click the RETURN key.

5. A sign wll pop-up, if you look on the POP-UP, you will note that you have four options there, Send, Choose Address, Edit Message, Clear and a space to type.

6. Type the destination where you want the file to be delivered or use the choose address option. Any address-- Yourself, (primary user), Yourself (under another user name), Auntie Emm (In Kansas) or Uncle Zeb (Anywhere on Earth).

7.When you have the address typed , click the cursor "DOWN Arrow" key once, (2nd key from the lower Rt. corner.) the cursor will move to the "SEND" button. Click the "RETURN" key and your file has been sent to its new address.


You may MOVE a file from one FAVS folder to another by:

1. Click the "FAVS" key, (Top center of your KB.) this places you in FAVS folders. Using the "Arrow" keys, (Bottom, right of the KB) move the cursor to the Folder you wish to view.

2. Locate the "FILE" (page) you wish to move.

3. Place the cursor on the file and click the "RETURN" key to open the File, click on the "SEND" Key (Top Right corner of the keyboard.)

4. This will produce a pop up, that will ask which FAVORITE you wish to "Save To".

5. Move the cursor to the desired address and click the "Return" key, this will mark the new address for the file, click the "Return" key once more. this brings the cursor back to the "Save To" button. Click the "Return" key once more and your file is saved to the desired favoites folder. Now you have the same file in two FAVS Folders. -----See DELETING


Deleting a file from your FAVORITES Folder

1. You should be looking at an open FAVS folder. Move the cursor to the left menu, position it over the "ORGANIZE" button.

2. Click the "RETURN" key. This will bring up a page of 5 options.

3. Choose "DISCARD", click the "RETURN" key.

4. Move the cursor to the "DONE" button and click the "RETURN" key.

5. This will put you back on your FAVs folder page but with all the files aligned down the left side of the page and a "DISCARD" button on the right.

6. Move the cursor to the "DISCARD" button of the file to be removed. Click your "RETURN" key and the file will be deleted. Your page will once again look as it did in step 5, minus the discarded file.

7.Now scroll down the page (You will also have to use the "Down Arrow" key.) and place the cursor on the "DONE" button and hit the "RETURN" key. You are back to your FAVS and the file has been deleted from the FAVORITES folder.


This is truly one of the basic skills of working on the Internet, so you want to become proficient at this.

1. Decide where you wish to start copying. The first 2-3 words is enough.

2. Click the "FIND" key (Top Rt., 5th key on a WIRELESS keyboard), a Pop-up will appear; It says "FIND WORD", beside the flashing box. Type the 2-3 words you chose to start with, into the flashing box. Click the "Return" key.

3. You have just highlighted the starting point for copying. Now hold the "LEFT SHIFT" key down & click the "DOWN ARROW" key. (Bottom Row, 2ND from the Rt.) This will highlight a line of the material to be copied. If you highlight too much, you can move the cursor in reverse (One space at a time or erase the excess after copying.

4. Everything highlighted? Hold down the "CMD key & click the "C" key This Copies, Cuts & places your material into TEMPORARY memory.

5. Go to the page where you wish to place your copied material.

6. Place your cursor in the position on the page, where you wish to start your copied material, hold the "CMD" key down & hit the letter "V" key. you should now have your copied material in your text area, ready to continue your work.

1. You may HIGHLIGHT an entire page, by holding the "CMD" key down and clicking the letter "A" key.

2. If your chosen starting words appear on the page more than once, you may hold down the "CMD" key and strike the letter "G" key. The cursor will move down the page to the next matching word sequence, each time you strike the "G".

3. If you hold "CMD" and hit the "B" key you will search back through the words but going up the page instead of down the page.

4. Also, if you are writing a message and decide to delete part of it, you may use the find key. (5th key, Top right) Type in the first word you want to delete, use SHIFT and the DOWN ARROW to highlight a couple of sentences and stop wherever you want, then hit the delete key and all of the lines will be gone.

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Thank you.

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