Mistee Island Crafts


Make semi- transparent to give a look of mist and distance

2nd layer

Place this at the bottom edge of the 1st pic and make less transparent. This will add depth to the pic. Take out sun, we don't need this animated and there is a pink glow to the 1st pic sky already. You may have to add to the pink as you make the 1st pic transparent, in order to keep some pink in the morning sky. Add a seagull somewhere if you want.

3rd & 4th layers

Clump two of these together just below layer 2, & slightly off-set. in an effort to make them look like one large island. to the right of the screen. my idea is to make the last three islands on layer two and these 6 islands look like one lg. island, covered in trees, with the boat below passing by.
Question is can it be done? I don't know. If the images can be slightly overlapped mybe!

layer 5

Place this ovrlapping but slightly lower than layers 3 & 4 to the right (not quite so far) if possible. try to make it look as if the boat is almost past the isle

6th layer

Place this to the far left and down the page far enough to look like the islands etc are in the far back ground. You may want to cut it's size by 1/3 ir 1/2. perhaps give the entire page a watery BG.
You will of course have to match all the BG's.

In My Mind:

I have this view of a watery BG, With a MISTEE ISLAND CRAFTS logo with the big island scene below that, with the smaller islands superimposed over the lower edge of the big island pic and the boat still lower and slightly closer to the ctr. of the
page, with the bottle down & to the left. You can of course change the sizes to add perspective and color to make everything match. By varying the Bg transparency you can add to the look of mist and distance. I know what to do, just not HOW to do!!LOL But I have a WebMaster, he knows and will learn me, (hehehee) cause he said he wanted to draw. He may at the time have to draw by cutting and pasting pretty pics together but he can handle it! Thanks good buddy, A LOT! Duffy

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