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HTML Tutorials

Below is a series of F-keys, the first of which contains complete HTML Tutorials some of which have as many as 30+ lessons in HTML. You will find all the HTML codes you will ever need here, no matter what you are attempting to do! There is nothing difficult about HTML, mastering it is just a matter of practice and perserverance. More will be added from time to time as they are found. By having a number of tutorials to choose from, you should find an author whose style makes sense and is understndable to you. Enjoy!

John GilsonWebDesignCannonball2's
Draac'sHTML goodiesAnnabella's
Phil'sHTML 3.2Future Cyn's
Webmonkey C.S.Webmonkey HTMLWebDev,
Carl T'sSevloidDave's
HTML Tags****************

Prepared HTML Codes

This group of F-Key savers contains sites that offer codes for buttons, banners, etc., that are ready to use. Most of these can be Copied, Cut and Pasted right to your e-mail or web site.

Hardlove'sE-Z CodesRalph's
PlanetWebBetsy'sSimple HTML

HTML Tools

This next F-Key Saver contains several Tools for editing, reducing and arrangng your HTML codes. One, the Eschar Key, will allow you to write codes so that they will show on your web pages as codes, so that you can show your viewers how to write proper codes. Play with them and learn to use them to your advantage. Remember the worst that can happen is you might have to start over again! I hope you will find them both educational and useful.

HTML lab Tool ChestHTML Squisher
HTML FormatDr. HTMLEschar
Page Putifier****************
JavaScript F-Key Saver
DevEdgeDynamic DriveEarthweb
F8 KeyJS GoodiesJSHomepages
JS ResourceJS SourceJS Weekly Tip
WebGizmosWM-JS LibraryWeb Ref. Com
WebTasticZoda Wrap's********

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